Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008: what cash flow? :(

  • we have about 2 cents in investments, & still managed to lose money
  • my husband, attempting 2 bring in more income by taking on more business clients, had the misfortune 2 chose a couple of start-up idiots so poor at running businesses that they can't pay their accounting bills. it is entirely possible that he will have to write off as business losses for 2008 roughly 1/2 what he earned from his tax & accounting practice in 2007
  • &, then, of course, ms. klutz (clumsy), here, breaks both wrists, leading to huge medical & other injury-related expenses, topped by a switch from paltry salary to pitiful disability payments effective jan. 1
not much to celebrate tonight

on the plus side, i still have a full-time job to go back to, my husband is still a full-time college accounting instructor, & our son, now in grad school, is almost completely self-supporting. could b worse


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